Gutter Bombin'

by Ritalin Attack

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These ten tracks were recorded during the 'Rise Of The Drum Machines' sessions, but did not fit the theme of the album. So it was chosen to release two albums.

Released on Torn Flesh Records in May of 2012.


released April 30, 2012

All instruments and vocals by R. Gnarly.



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Track Name: Nothing To Live For
All your life
Lived in doubt
A bloody message
From your spouse
Nothing left but
Worldly possessions
Not a fucking thing
That matters anymore
I hate my job
I hate my car
This whole god damned place
Is such a fucking bore
Nothing left to say
Nothing left to do
Nothing to care about
We all know I'm screwed
One bullet in the chamber
Just one chance to forget
I'm done
I'm fucking sick of this.
Track Name: Mickey Mouse Whorehouse
You little slut
You dirty little slut
All you want to do
Is get fucked in the butt
Collecting all your wages
From lying on your back
With your mouse ears on
Pulling in guys you attract
Spread your legs wide
And take a deep breath
Take the dick inside
And inhale the stench of death

You life will go nowhere
You'll always be in a rutt
And it's all because you're
A filthy fucking slut
Just get on your knees
And take the cock down your throat
You're nothing in this world
Just a fucking joke

You're a fucking whore
Track Name: I Am So Sad, So Very Very Sad (Crash And The Boys Cover)
So Sad
Track Name: Don't Fucking Vote
Fuck everything
Fuck everyone
Don't give a fuck
Do what's right
Don't fucking vote
Track Name: Kindergarten Hazing Ritual
I beat a little kid
With a spiked bat
On the bus
On the way to school
On his first day
We fucked his shit up
Fucked his shit up
Fucked his shit

Kindergarten hazing ritual
Track Name: Felching Verbal Diarrhea
I'm sick of all your shit
Your filthy fucking mouth
So why don't you just stop
With the bitching all around
Just shut your fucking trap
You stupid, stupid fuck
You motherfucking shit talker
You're such a fucking shit talker
I'm gonna cut you up
Felching verbal diarrhea
Track Name: Cancer Is The Answer
Your dead
Too bad
Life sucks
So sad
You don't
Get it
So just
Drop it
Life's short
You die
Say goodbye
Track Name: Eradicate The Scene
Fuck your hipster garbage
You fucking piece of shit
Your a fucking faggot
And you just need to quit
I just hope you die
Killed by a donkey kick
Why don't you just end your life
Before you jump in the pit
Eradicate the scene