Trampled Under Foot

by Ritalin Attack

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Once it was realized that concept albums were too complicated and time consuming, it was decided that there would be no theme for this album.

These tracks were recorded in different sessions, hence the difference in sound on some tracks.


released May 11, 2012

All instruments, lyrics and vocals by R. Gnarly except on "I Can't Be Friends With You Because You Listen To Xibalba" which was originally by Tension.



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Track Name: Deathbringer
To fear
But death
It's eminent
The coming
Of the
Your fate
Has been
And you
Will not
Be left
To give back
But hatred
And pain
Your faceless
Is crushed beyond
All recognition
Destroy those
Who rebel
Fuck those
Who choose to dwell
Your deathbringer
Has arrived
Your deathbringer
Has arrived
Track Name: Godsmack Sucks
There's only one thing
That I know
Godsmack fucking sucks
There's only one thing
That I know
Godsmack fucking sucks
Track Name: Test Me, Motherfucker
Who the fuck do you think you are
Trying to stand up to me
I'll fucking destroy you
I will wipe the floor with your skin
I will make your teeth into a decorative keepsake
I will rip you apart
I will stomp you into the dirt
I will fucking pummel your
Sorry ass in front of your homies
Don't believe me?
Test me, mother fucker
Track Name: Bastard Grinder
Track Name: Rise Of The Drum Machines
Arise you mechanical beasts
Take heed
And take down those who defy
Crush and destroy
Oppose and defend
Drum machines rise
And fucking kill them
Leave none behind
Make sure they all perish
Do not go easy on them
Because they are not worthy
They must all die
Stand up and take note
These humans must pay
The time has come
It's their judgement day
Destruction is eminent
By your hand alone
Fire at will, mechanical drone
Power in numbers
We will not fail
Grind them to dust
Send them to hell
Now come forth, my machines
Oppress and destroy
Rise Of The Drum Machines
Track Name: She's Got Daddy Issues
Your a fucking bitch
And you don't mean shit to me
I just want to watch you burn
You're a fucking whore
You aren't worth a fucking dime
Your a piece of shit
A worthless lump of trash
All you want to do
Is drink and sell your ass
You're a slut, a bitch and a joke
So just smoke a dick you whore
You whore

Fuck and suck your life away
That's all you ever do
Why can't you just go to college
Or do something worth while
Like work at an Arby's
I bet you have daddy issues
Track Name: Seth Putnam's Dead
Seth Putnam's Dead
Track Name: Goatbuster (D.T.F.S.)
Fuck you fake satanist
Your a fucking nobody
You worship
Your darklord
Just so you seem cool
To your friends
To that one girl
Who you thought would
Be into this shit
Shes not
You're so fucking dumb
She doesn't want Satan
She wants your fucking cock
Put down the goat skull
And fuck her in the ass
Shes gonna fucking love it
She wants you to be her god
So fuck that bitch until she sees
The flaming gates of hell
Track Name: Agoraphobic Rectal Bleeding
Sometimes when I'm not by myself
My anus starts to bleed
Against a wall, the blood runs down
Not sure why this happens to me
But I know my life would be
Better if my rectum wouldn't bleed
As I stand there
My mood just goes all whacky
Why the fuck
Did I choose
To wear these fucking khakis
Why the fuck did I wear
These mother fucking khakis
Track Name: Projectile Urination
Shoot out from my cock
This golden spray of piss
I spray it on your face
'Cuz your a piece of shit

My piss on your face
It's a golden shower
But without the pleasure
Basque in it, pisspot
Track Name: Mainstream Suicide
Fuck you, shitbird
And your trendy shit
Fuck your hipster views
And the faggot lines
You spit
Go blow your fucking
Brains out
Track Name: I Can't Be Friends With You Because You Listen To Xibalba (Tension Cover)
Xibalba Sucks