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released May 14, 2012

RxAx would like to thank Cory Monster, Nikolai Gawin, J. Randall, 7 Caso & Andrew Lipscomb, Josh, Lane and the Aftermath Crew.

KHR would like to thank Micro Center staff, Ross Gnarly, the person that gave me the title 'Jaegerbomb Epidural.'



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Track Name: RxAx - Kindergarten Hazing Ritual
I beat a little kid
With a spiked bat
On the bus
On his way to school
On his first day
We fucked his shit up
Fucked his shit up
Fucked his shit

Kindergarten Hazing Ritual
Track Name: KHR - Audition For Her Personal Hell: Nailed It
i made a ringtone of her begging me for her life
it goes off everytime you call me asking where she is
where to send the ransom money
if you can hear her speak
I don't know what blind faith keeps you holding on
I only have one finger left to send you
I held off sending you her head and I'm not even sure why
part of me thinks it's been done to death but the rest of me wants to prolong the crippling suspense
to see your face when you realize it's been over all along
how long has hope been gone
because hope is what really kills, isn't it?
one bad day is all it takes for us to be the same
Track Name: KHR - Jaegerbomb Epidural
somewhere in jersey in the doorway
of the bathroom of some seedy super 8
a pool of blood and artificial tanner and drunken mistakes
he escaped a hell of his own design
chained to reptilian parasite world reknowned