Mothers Day Split

by Ritalin Attack and The Eyeboogers

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A special release for Mothers Day.


released May 13, 2012

All Ritalin Attack track written, performed and recorded by R. Gnarly at Aftermath Studios on May 12th, 2012.

"Mother's Day" by The Eyeboogers was originally performed by Blink-182. This track was performed and recorded at Aftermath Studios in late 2011.



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Track Name: Ritalin Attack - Happy Mothers Day, Whore!
Your mother is a whore
She's choking on a dick
At this very moment
I bet she'll gag it quick
She fucking loves the cock
Right down her wind pipe
She will down that dick
Like a can of Red Stripe

Suck it

It's fucking mothers day
She'll get fucked in the ass
And he'll blow his loaded glaze
All over her sweet face
He'll laugh and call her bitch
Happy Mothers Day
Track Name: Ritalin Attack - Bob Had Bitchtits
His name is Robert Paulson
We remember after death
His titties were gigantic
They were always soaked in sweat
When I would see him
I always felt disgusted
You know, It's too bad
That his skull got busted
Track Name: The Eyeboogers - Mothers Day (Blink-182 Cover)
And we'll be fuckin' and suckin' and touchin'
Fuckin' and suckin' and touchin'
Fuckin' and suckin' and touchin'

It's Mothers Day
It's Mothers Day